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Philosophical Counselling

Given the nature of philosophy, it is somewhat surprising that when we thinking of philosophy, we more often than not fail to see any practical element in the subject.

Philosophical counselling is one way in which the practical side of philosophy comes most clearly into view – the focus being on an individual’s thoughts, ways of thinking and how by changing these ways of thinking, the individual can significantly change their life for the better.

While by no means a substitute for other forms of therapy or medication, philosophical counselling can in certain circumstances be a powerful tool for greater self understanding and with that, the necessary tools to be able to help yourself.

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(Our philosophical practitioners are accredited both by the NPCA and APPA)

Philosophical Consulting

Whether it be helping to resolve intractable dilemmas, creating greater harmony in the workplace or by helping to design and implement ethical standards, philosophical consulting has a lot to offer.

Having worked with a variety of organisations in many different fields, we understand that every type of workplace is different and has different challenges. That said, many organisations face similar problems whether that be a negative working atmosphere, inefficiency, low morale or more tangible forms of dysfunction.

Ultimately, no matter the organisation or industry, people are at the heart of the matter. With the services of a philosophical consultant, you can help turn your organisation into one that people love working at, and that works fundamentally better.

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(Our philosophical practitioners are accredited both by the NPCA and APPA)

Cultural Consulting

In a globalised world, culture has never been more important and yet it is something that is often overlooked both within the workplace, as well as when dealing with different customers in different markets.

Having worked with a variety of different people, from a variety of different cultures, we are very much aware of the importance of culture from the smallest interactions, to the biggest decisions – whether private or public.

Our trained cultural advisors can help you better understand the important role that cultural dynamics play in all our interactions.

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(Our consultants are certified Cultural Advisors)

Language Services

Language pervades and underwrites all our interactions, whether verbal or non-verbal. 

At Anthropos, we offer comprehensive language services in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Arabic

Our services include:

  • Language training
  • Interpreting
  • Translation
  • Proof-reading

Language fields that we work in include:

  • Legal
  • Business
  • Technical
  • Musical (Songwriting/Translation)
  • Editorial

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A philosophical counsellor is a professional philosopher with a special interest in helping people resolve practical problems as well as the training necessary to fulfil the task. 
Socrates saw the role of the philosopher as akin to that of the midwife, assisting people to give birth to their ideas.
In Icelandic, the term for midwife is “ljósmóður” meaning Mother of Light. With philosophical counselling, we can help you bring your problems to light.